ARCHII Light creates the perfect light with a custom designed light installation and controls suited precisely to your needs.

Lighting is the finishing touch to creating the perfect space, whether it is in a shop, showroom, restaurant, hotel, office, production venue or in private homes.

At ARCHII Light we offer advice, development and specially designed lighting, from concept or enquiry to development and production of all the elements.

We offer lighting design and provide guidance and help with the design, as well as suggestions for installation and lighting controls, so that all the elements interact seamlessly to create the perfect space. Read more about lighting design.

Our solutions are used for lighting shop inventory, where we custom design lighting and lighting controls for ceilings, cupboards, shelves, counters, tables, podiums, stages, floors, etc. These primarily consist of LED lights in e.g. strips, aluminium profiles or light sheets, which are custom designed and produced according to your specifications and purposes.

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Latest projects

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