Designing the right lighting is an important element

With over 20 years of experience in the lighting industry, we have made it our core competency to design, develop and produce lighting to suit every need and aesthetic.

We engage with industries where lighting is an important element – including especially retail, where products need showcasing. Another important industry is the hospitality sector, where lighting has a significant impact on the ambiance. It is particularly important that the lighting complements the rest of the decor and can be adjusted according to need and the particular event, so the right lighting can be created as required.


Custom designed lighting

We develop, design and produce decorative lighting, custom lighting and technical lighting with undreamt-of possibilities. We also offer advice and lighting design for your particular room.

We work with builders, architects, consulting engineers, technicians and designers, and together we create the perfect lighting.


The TakeMe lamp

Among other things, we have developed the TakeMe lamp, which was born out of a collaboration with designer Morten Hedegaard. The issue was quite simple: flexibility was needed for the table layout at the restaurant. So we tackled the challenge with an equally simple solution: a transportable and rechargeable table lamp.

– and that was how the TakeMe lamp came into being.

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