Plug & Play loudspeakers for every architecture 

The unique ARCHII Sound is a 360 degree audio system with the most sophisticated design for every architecture. The loudspeaker blends in shape and color with its surroundings and is a guarantee for professional sound in commercial areas such as restaurant, cafe, hotels, theater, shops, retail etc.

Quality sound with less loudspeakers and app control

The unique 360° loudspeaker technology produces a high-quality, room-filling, homogeneous sound image regardless the size of the room. This means that fewer loudspeakers are used to cover evenly a surface for a perfect sound in every listening position.

The system is flexible and can be extended as needed to several rooms.

Everything is controlled via app or browser on a computer, whether it’s the volume, the audio source, the zone, or the individual designation of individual wireless speakers.

You can also access your sound system externally from anywhere and at any time.

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