The atrium at NEXT HOUSE was to be lit up

In the spring of 2019, Morten Hedegaard was tasked with designing a modo (bowl) mobile to light up the atrium at NEXT HOUSE.

The Modo Mobile lamp was designed, developed and produced in collaboration with ARCHII, and now hangs under the building’s skylight in the 14 metre high atrium.

Modo Mobile

The challenge was to keep the weight to a minimum


The Modo Mobile came together as the various parts of the lamp were produced and then assembled.

The challenge was to keep the weight to a minimum since the components comprised iron and aluminium.

In addition, a number of 3D printed components were used inside the lamp, as all elements are designed specifically for this particular project.

The design and functions of the Modo Mobile lamp


The lamp is 6 metres tall and 4 metres in diameter. The lamp consists of 12 Eye Ball spot lights, 8 modos and 4 mirror balls, distributed on 4 “arms”.

There are also 20 rails with a total of 60 Eye Ball spot lights mounted on the walls, from the first to the second floor, where the mirror balls reflect the light.

The entire lamp and rails comprise of brushed brass (bronze); the modos are bronze on the outside and terracotta on the inside and the mirror balls are made of fibreglass with chrome alloy.

It is all controlled via a Casambi lighting control.

Modo Mobile 3D sketch

See the video of the Modo Mobile